Heed These Three Travel Tips From Andy Berke To Stay Safe, Comfortable While Traveling

Traveling anywhere for an extended period of time will eventually lead you to the intersection of comfort, purpose and design. A pair of shoes may look good, but they are far from comfortable and the laces keep coming untied. This is but one example of pre-vacation planning gone awry, says travel expert Andy Berke. Given that any trip away from home will likely have you on your feet for hours on end, it’s important to make sure that your personal effects are safely stored away somewhere and what you do have on you is as useful as it’s going to get. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best investments you can make that are guaranteed to make your travels safer and more convenient.

– Backpacking: If you don’t want to lug a suitcase or carry around a wheeled variety, it’s time to cut down on what you plan to bring and sling it over your back. The best backpacks for traveling will often offer a wire-based frame built into them as to withstand bumps along the road ahead. Unlike hiking backpacks, those designed for vacationers will be a bit more rugged and as such, heavier. A final word on backpacks: Get a lock that secured the zippers. Pick-pocketing is an issue abroad – especially in tourist-friendly cities – so a locked back either on your back or at the hotel is a deterrent that will likely drive would-be thieves to their next victim.

– Cash and communications: Another key consideration, says travel guide Andy Berke, is how you’re going to make your way through the modern world. When traveling outside of the U.S., you’re going to need to touch base with your bank and cell phone service provider. Both accounts could be frozen in fear of fraud, so tell these entities where you’ll be traveling and on which dates to ensure continued access. As for cell phone service, another recommended step is to contact your provider to see what sort of international plans they offer so you can avoid exorbitant roaming fees.

– Hard copies: While the majority of transportation entities will email you a copy of your ticket and receipt, it’s advisable to both print out a version in case it’s required when boarding and in the event of your cell phone being stolen. Similarly, you’ll likely need easy access to your passport and wallet so keep them handy – but safe. The same principle applies to these important documents as it does to locking up your backpack; out of sight makes them out of mind for possible theft.